My Road to Change

23 Feb

mom yelling


As a Mommy of three kiddos I often find myself at the end of my rope and ready to yell or yelling then feeling guilty for yelling. Am I alone in this? No, but most parents won’t admit to losing their control for fear of judgement. Can I blame them? Heck no! We parents tend to be so hard on one another!! Continue reading


Tree Network

17 Feb

tree networkAm I really going to compare us to computers?


But really. I can’t help but look at a tree network and think of our life. Throughout the years and with each move and relationship we establish we add a star to our tree. Think about it, heck draw one out real quick. Think of all the duty stations you have lived at and all the friends who are now at different locations. Networking is vital to our lifestyle! Our moves are easier, finding schools is easier, making friends is easier, and most importantly finding a job is much easier with networking! Continue reading

365 + Days

15 Feb

365Yikes! I let a year slip by without posting anything. :-/ Would you say the idea of 365 days passing in a blur is normal for us? Have we really been in the Navy for 13 years already??? Continue reading

30 Ways to Have a Better New Year

28 Dec

A friend shared a list of “30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself” by Marc and Angel Hack Life on Facebook and I couldn’t wait to share it. I do not know how anyone could read the list and not pick out several that apply to them (maybe more than several). We often make New Year’s resolutions that create unobtainable hopes or that may be obtainable, but do not truly change our lives for the better. So why not make a resolution this year that is about Ourselves! Continue reading

Well Deserved

12 Dec

Christmas lights can be seen throughout the neighborhood and so many front windows are glowing with beautiful Christmas trees. I know the holiday season is here, but I don’t know for sure if I know this because of all the decorations or from the dark circles under my eyes. I have asked myself, is December supposed to be like this or could we all use a dose of well deserved grace? Continue reading

Anything for Only Three Years

6 Dec

Before each of my boot camp exercise sessions I always tell myself “you can do anything for only 45 minutes.”  This morning I got to thinking and wondered if we subconsciously tell ourselves something similar about our duty stations?

Only 1 year, 5 months, and 6 days till we PCS…

Only 6 months till we pick orders…

Only 3 months till “so and so” leaves… Continue reading

Toughest Day in Military Life

26 Nov

Most people would guess I’m talking about the day we kiss our spouse and tell them “see you later.” However, we have all done this and will continue to do this, so it isn’t really our hardest day. All of us have thought about, dreaded, or experienced the day a phone call stops us in our tracks! The day we are told a family member back home has passed away or is in a life threatening situation. This has ALWAYS been my biggest fear and my biggest regret of this lifestyle! Continue reading