Operation Kid Comfort

30 Jan

As parents, we are always trying to find ways to comfort our children when Daddy or Mommy deploy. I received information about this wonderful program designed to address the emotional stress our children suffer during a parent’s absence. The program is called “Operation Kid Comfort” and is through the Armed Services YMCA. These wonderful volunteers provide free quilts for children ages six and under and pillows for children seven and older. They collect photographs from military families to make photo-transfer quilts that feature images of the deployed family member. These quilts and pillows can provide our children with something heartwarming to play with, sleep with, or to comfort them when missing their mom or dad.

I spoke with the Fort Bragg ASYMCA and they ask that families not request a quilt or pillow till the service member is deployed. This ensures all children with a deployed parent are able to participate. They also said the wait time depends on the number of volunteers they have. The current wait time at the Fort Bragg site is four months.

The ASYMCA will also teach you to quilt your own blanket or pillow. This would be a wonderful project for a group of spouses during a deployment.

The following locations have a local program available: Fort Bragg/Pope AFB ASYMCA, San Diego Armed Services YMCA, Watertown Family YMCA, Junction City Family YMCA, and Killen Armed Services YMCA. If you are not at one of these locations, then go to http://www.asymca.org/what-we-do-3/national-programs-services/operation-kid-comfort/ to apply for a quilt or pillow online. You can only use the online program if you do not have a local program available.

This ASYMCA is alwayslooking for volunteers. They have created nearly 6,000 quilts since the program started, averaging about 1,000 quilts a year.

What a heartwarming program!


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