We Are The Glue

4 Mar

It has been over two weeks now since my three kiddos and I got sick. I’m not talking just a runny nose sick either. We have been down and out for these two weeks. Somehow this down time was able to help me see things a little differently.

I know my family depends on me to be the one parent who is constant. The kiddos understand and come to expect the ins and outs from Daddy. However, they had trouble understanding why I was not the normal Mommy. Why the house has been scattered with stuff for two weeks. Why they have had cereal and sausage one night for dinner and a peanut butter and honey sandwich another night. Why they are digging through the clean clothes hoping to find a pair of jeans. Why Mommy’s voice seems to raise louder a whole lot quicker. Plus, heaven forbid anyone count the actual hours of TV my children have watched.

Then top it off with me, feeling awful, apologizing to my husband like I did something wrong. I’m sorry I couldn’t fix a gourmet dinner. I’m sorry you ran out of clean underwear. I’m sorry the house looks like three children live here with no parents. What was wrong with me? Why was I apologizing to him for being sick? Where is my “out sick sign?” What was I thinking taking a job of caring for a family of five with no sick days or paid time off?

Good thing I love my job and receive better benefits than any 8 to 5 job could ever provide. I was very grateful to have my wonderful husband home. Sure I begged him to call in sick and stay home to take care of me (ha ha like that can happen), but at least I had the warm fuzzy feeling knowing he would be home at 5:30pm.

Last night I couldn’t help but look around the house and sigh. My husband just laughed and said I was the glue that held us all together. I sat back and thought about that. He’s right! I am the one who maintains the schedules and ensures we all have what we need to make it through each day. These last two weeks certainly provided the proof that our life and routines kinda fly out the window when Mommy is MIA.


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