Power of Words

7 Mar

Who doesn’t enjoy the heart pounding excitement of opening your mail box and seeing a letter addressed to you? (Of course as long as it’s not a bill) Today’s technology is wonderful in providing instant gratification, but nothing can replace the warm tender feeling of opening a letter from your deployed loved one.

My husband joined the Navy in 1999 and the only time we ever depended on snail mail for correspondence was during boot camp. I will never forget the excitement and often times disappointment I felt each day the mail was delivered. Not only was I excited to hear what boot camp was like and how he was doing, but there is something about paper and a pen that helps a person open up. I felt like we communicated better during those 10 weeks than we ever had in person. Part of me couldn’t wait to hear his voice over the phone and to see him in person, but another part of me knew I was going to miss the emotions and love exchanged through real love letters.

Today most people communicate more through their cell phone than by person, let alone through paper and pen. Since the early 90s’ we have grown dependent on the Internet and all it can provide. Sure I appreciate the amenities of online communication and shopping, especially while living overseas. I also appreciate the comfort e-mail and webcams can provide when my husband is deployed. I love being able to sit down at night after the kiddos are in bed and write an e-mail telling him all about our day.  Also, there is nothing more reassuring than being able to send him an e-mail with questions or concerns I need him to know ASAP.

With all this said, I wouldn’t give up the possibilities of the Internet, but at the same time my husband and I like to try to hang on to the excitement and joy of true love letters. Each time he is gone we make it a point to send real love letters. Not simple sentences just to accomplish the task, but a real letter that makes the other feel loved, appreciated, and most of all missed. These are the letters I savor and use when I reach a day that seems to never end or when I feel like the deployment is just too long. It is also my hope these letters will provide our children and grandchildren with a glimpse of our love after we are gone and they are left with only memories. I hope they read the letters and see how the little things are what really matters in life.

Now that our kiddos are getting older and understanding more, we are planning to have Daddy write them real letters too. Everyone loves a pen-pal, especially when that person is your Daddy! I hope this line of communication can provide my kiddos with a special link to their Daddy and enable them to remain just as close as when Daddy is home. I can’t wait to see the smile on their faces when they receive a special letter from Daddy. I won’t be able to see the smile on my husband’s face, but all I have to do is look at my kiddos’ faces and know he has the same exact smile on his face.

Words have so much power, especially when you take the time to really express how much you care for someone!


One Response to “Power of Words”

  1. Jim Larson March 7, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    Another great article that tells it like it is. I remember looking forward to letters when I was in the service.

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