Big Hearts and Helping Hands

15 Mar

The military has always promoted volunteering, whether it is call of duty or on personal time. Military members and their families have a big heart and even bigger helping hands! This is beyond obvious with the recent tragedy in Japan. The earthquake and tsunami occurred less than a week ago and already I have heard many stories of our military being called to action while our spouses step up and create our own ways of helping.

It is always hard to kiss your spouse goodbye, but there is an amazing feeling of pride and love when you kiss them goodbye to go help others in dire need! There are many countries that only see our military as the fighting force for terrorism (yes, we are a strong and powerful force), but we are also a group of people with love and compassion for others (especially for a vital friend like Japan).

Over the last few days I have seen several spouses advertising various methods for helping those who are and will continue to struggle in Japan. I feel such pride in knowing these powerful spouses are on our team!  I wanted to do my best to spread the word on these various forms of assistance for Japan. If you know of any more resources for helping, please share!

Ways to Help

Resource for those in Okinawa, Japan to donate warm clothing, blankets or canned food.

Resource for anyone who likes Pampered Chef. All this spouse’s commission (22%-30%) will be donated to the Salvation Army’s Disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Donate money to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief

Donate socks! Something small and simple, but a Big help!

Kudos to our Mighty Military!!


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