10 Signs your Spouse is Preparing to Leave

8 Apr

We all adjust to deployments differently, but I think we all experience most of these on this list. Are there other things you find yourself or family doing close to a deployment? 

  1. Things start to get put off (This post has only taken me over a week to do).
  2. You created and hung a “before you leave” to do list.
  3. You find yourself hovering over him more knowing you will wish you had spent a little more time with him.
  4. You start making a mental note of all the things you will somehow be doing on your own. (Bedtime routine, weekend entertainment, mowing the lawn, fixing toys, rough housing like “Daddy” does, flying from NC to CA (I must be crazy), and the list goes on and on)
  5. Begin creating a list of books for reading during all the lonely nights.
  6. Begin making a list of hobbies you plan to try.
  7. You celebrate early birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays over a course of a couple weeks or days (depending on how much notice you get).
  8. You spend $$$! Seems like we go out to lunch while the kiddos are in school, take more day/weekend trips, he always finds something he wants to take (this time a Nook, last time a laptop), family pictures, and the list goes on…
  9. Automobile checkup (Oil change, tire rotation/replacement, etc)
  10. Find yourself cooking all the meals he loves knowing he will be eating MREs/ship food/questionable galley food. (Plus, leftovers are then frozen for future nights you just don’t have the energy to cook and you lack the motivation since its just you and the kiddos)

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