A true family!

19 Apr

Throughout the 12 years my husband has served in the Navy I have learned the value and strength of my military family. However, I have gained a whole new outlook and appreciation for the “military family” during a crisis.

The bond we have serving in the military or serving alongside our service members creates the same bond a true family has. This is evident during holidays, deployments, homecomings, and most importantly during any crisis. Most recently we have seen the strength of our military family in Japan during the massive earthquake and tsunami and just this last weekend during the tornadoes that hit the East coast.

We are willing to drop anything we are doing to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever needed! We donate items to be shipped to Japan or to local individuals who lost their home to a tornado. We volunteer on location or through a program organized on base. Most importantly we are all over the world and able to be the listening ear, helping hand, or shoulder to lean on when times are just too rough to stand on our own.

We have a connection through the uniform worn and dedication sworn. I know I have this feeling of reassurance when I connect with another individual who is in the military or is a family member. I tell myself “he/she knows what it is like and they can hopefully answer my questions or point me in the direction of who can help me.”

I will never forget flying home from Italy with my newborn son and feeling somewhat alone and overwhelmed with travel requirements. Amazingly I felt so reassured when a fellow spouse saw the stress on my face and offered to help me carry all my bags and my son. This same feeling comes when life hits us with a disaster and we turn to one another to get through all the bumps!

I’m thankful every day to be a part of this amazing family and to know no matter where I am in the world, I have a brother or sister who is always willing to help in any way possible!


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