The Storm is Coming

20 Apr

There is nothing like the anxiety and feeling of unknown right before a big storm hits. Not a little thunder storm, but more like a hurricane, tornado, typhoon, etc. Will there be damage and chaos? Will you feel as if you’re a little lost, as if your emotions are going in various directions, or maybe even have a feeling of numbness? Is it just me or would you say a deployment is the same as a big storm?

As my family prepares to say “see you later” to Daddy I can’t help but feel like we are preparing for a big storm. Similar to preparing for any storm, I have my list of items we need to purchase before he leaves alongside his to do list. Somehow it feels like the list is much bigger than our allotted time, but then again it may be me hoping somehow the days will slow down.

Funny how any time a storm is brewing we send the children out to play and enjoy the sun while we have it. We also try to get as much running around and outdoor fun in as possible. Knowing this will be our last weekend with Daddy I can’t help but feel myself trying to plan outdoor trips and fun family activities. While at the same time trying to remind myself to take a step back and find the time to just relax and enjoy our time with him. The storm is coming either way, so I need to remind myself to slow down and not “over prepare.” (Is that possible?)

Something else about a deployment that is very similar to a storm is the fear it can instill in our children. Children don’t understand why Daddy has to leave. Also, most of the time Daddy is gone for much longer than their little heads can wrap around. This unknown can lead to tough questions. Is Daddy safe? Will Daddy be home for my birthday? Why can’t Daddy be at my baseball game? Where is Daddy? All these questions leave us Mommies to battle a difficult storm with so much more on our shoulders.

Along with concerns and fears of any storm, you also have confidence and courage knowing you have prepared your family to best of your ability. Daddy has sat down with our kiddos and explained he will be gone for a long time and they need to be there for Mommy and help Mommy. My Son is prepared (as much as a 6 year old can be) to be the man of the house. My daughter is slowly grasping the idea that she won’t be able to give Daddy hugs each night. You can see the anxiety and fear of the unknown on their faces, but I know deep inside they are the strongest kiddos I know and we will all be just fine. (May not be wise to ask me this a week from now)

So as our storm begins to form I say bring it on!! It will be wonderful when our whole family can once again enjoy the sunny skies and valuable time together!


3 Responses to “The Storm is Coming”

  1. Tamiko April 24, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    I hear you, I too feel that deployments are like a huge tornado storm brewing! I don’t like it but have to brace and prepare for it and take it for what it is just assure myself that he will be fine and the time will mov e fast and quickly. So daddy will be home soon!

  2. Kelly Larson, MBA May 4, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Your 2nd to last paragraph made me cry! How sad that a 6 year takes that role b/c it’s such a huge role, and poor Sophia realizing no hugs at night 😦 Let me know if you need anything!

  3. Kelly Larson, MBA May 4, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Kelly you are a very good writer. I just love reading you stories. But you have to stop with the tear jerkers though. Love you much and good luck to you all, while Mike is gone…

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