Popsicle Therapy

12 May

Well, I made it a whole 2 weeks before I was waving my white flag and putting the kiddos to bed well before their bedtime! Not sure if making it 15 days is considered a “normal” or “mediocre” time frame. Just about every parent eventually reaches their point where the extra effort and patience runs thin after a spouse deploys. I’m thinking of that period right in the middle, just before we reach full motion of living life without Daddy being home.

The little things that you can shake off here and there are no longer shakable. Seems like the kiddos see you struggling and somehow add just one more jab only to see what happens. You look at your kiddos and you know you love them to death and would proudly jump in front of a train for them, but at this present moment you just really wish you had the house all to yourself. No fighting, no yelling, no messes to clean up, no dinners to fix (no negative comments about the dinners), and the list goes on and on.

But then….

You go to bed and wake up to a new day and a New and Improved attitude! You tell yourself it wasn’t just the kiddos yesterday, you yourself were not behaving as expected. You remind yourself you really need to pick your battles and let some stuff go. If it starts to become too much, walk away. Walk into a different room and pretend for just five minutes you are on some white sandy beach without any worries. (You may want to teach the kiddos a secret sign to let them know Mommy is going to her happy place)

My plan for the next day I begin to reach for my white flag is to instead reach for popsicles.  Who doesn’t like popsicles? My kiddos do and it always seems to put a smile on my face. I have decided I won’t fight them over a bad day and I won’t drag myself down further. Instead we will stop the bad day in its tracks and do something that will put a smile on all our faces. I won’t look at it as rewarding bad behavior or avoiding parental challenges. Instead I’m going to look at it as a much needed distraction. Plus, it may change the mood enough we can actually discuss the problems we are having that day and discover a solution. Man, I feel at ease just writing this out. (I will be sure to make a comment on how our first popsicle therapy goes)

We all have our list of things about our kiddos we could do without. However, our list of things we could never live without is much much bigger!! I remind myself that those who have no children are the ones who are missing out on such joy and fun! There is nothing in life I would ever accept to change my life and the beautiful children I have. There may be days when I am ready to run away and hide for the remainder of the deployment, but give me a popsicle and everything will be just fine!


One Response to “Popsicle Therapy”

  1. Kelly May 13, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Good idea! Let me know how it works…might come in handy 🙂

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