Mommy Getaway

18 May

I remind my friends whenever their husbands are gone to ensure they find some time for themselves! A parent is always a better parent when he or she has taken time to break away from the kiddos and do something for themselves. So why haven’t I done this for myself?!?

My hubby has been gone for almost a month and I have reached the point where I love my children, but I am tired of being around them 24/7! We all reach this point, so there is no shame in saying so. When my husband is here I can sneak away and get a break here and there. I try to remind myself during those breaks to enjoy them a little more knowing it won’t be long till he is gone again.

Now he is gone and I am feeling a tiny bit guilty about putting my two youngest in a child care center for a few hours a month. Fort Bragg offers 16 hours free child care per month while a service member is deployed. I honestly cannot tell you why I feel guilty, but I do. I know I “need” the break and I know my kiddos “need” me to take a break; however, I have dragged my feet on this long enough. What I don’t understand is I feel this way even though I know what I would be telling a friend if she were in my place, “The hours are there for a reason. Do not feel guilty or tell yourself your are weak for using a wonderful service. It’s not like you are putting them in there all day everyday while you sit at home eating Bon Bons. Use the time to rebuild your strength and motivation!”

I am lucky to be stationed at a base with great services for spouses. However, I know for a fact if I was not located on a base that offered free child care, I would be reaching out to my friends and asking for help. Your friends are your saviors during a deployment and they UNDERSTAND you need time to yourself! Now don’t go buck wild and ask your friend to watch your kiddos all the time. That is abusing the system and before you know it you will be left high and dry. However, asking friends to watch your kiddos while you get a pedicure, go “fun” shopping, go grocery shopping “alone”, or just sit at home in a quiet house reading is a must during a deployment!

Knowing I have reached my point I will be at the office registering my kiddos tomorrow. I plan to take my healthy breaks and remind myself there is no reason to feel guilty! I deserve the time and it is good for everyone involved! If Mommy isn’t happy, then no one is happy!!


One Response to “Mommy Getaway”

  1. Kelly Larson, MBA May 19, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    ~Facebook Comment~ You can also look at it that they are getting to have a fun time without mommy too. So enjoy your free time.

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