Sisters on Every Continent

22 Aug

I smile when I read “sisters  on every continent” because I know this simple statement is true for so many of us! Our friendships are often more than just a friend. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, welcome home parties, deployment blues, births, loses, PCS goodbyes, and so many more events of a military life. These connections and bonding create a relationship deeper than a best friend. These events in our lives create sisters we can depend on no matter how far we move, no matter how long its been since our last conversation, and no matter what is happening in our life!

Maybe we don’t have a sister on every continent, but at least a couple continents. I’m always amazed with our ability to remain close to someone no matter the miles. When I moved to Japan and was a day ahead of all my friends and family, my “sisters” made it feel like I was just down the street from them. They knew what was happening in my life and they were always prepared to support, celebrate, or comfort when I needed it most! We understand this way of life and we all know through experience just how hard you have to work to maintain a relationship on this level! Sadly we all have family and friends who have fallen off our track because there is too much pushing and pulling rather than blending and molding. Not that they have fallen out of our lives, but more like they are no longer an involved part of our life. Our life changes so often and so quickly that it can be hard for those outside our world to understand and keep up.

Our sisters are always there no matter what is happening in their lives or ours. How about hosting a sleepover party the night your hubby comes home from deployment because a sister needs someone to watch her kiddos? How about letting a fellow sister’s husband stay at their house after a surgery even though her husband has just returned from deployment? How about watching a sister’s kiddo during the summer so she can attend college? The list of goes on and on. A true sister will step in and help when needed no matter what is happening. You really do find your true friends and sisters during challenging times.

Another thing I’m amazed with is how we can jump right back to where we were even after a month of not seeing/talking/e-mailing one another. Those catch up conversations are the best!! Your face is full of smiles over all the news and updates you share. Lots of laughs over the silly and funny happenings of life. Some sorrow over a bump in the road or a struggle a hug just can’t fix. It just feels so good to talk and share with a sister. Someone you know who won’t judge or question you, well unless you need to be. A sister can always be counted on to remind you life isn’t easy, but its worth all the work and struggles!

I love all my sisters on every continent they happen to be on. No matter the miles and twists and turns of life we will always be there for one another. I am grateful for so many things the military has provided me and my family, but friendships and sisters are at the top of my list! This life isn’t easy, but with sisters by our sides we can get through anything with our heads held high!


3 Responses to “Sisters on Every Continent”

  1. Kelly Larson, MBA August 22, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Beautifully said!

  2. Kelly Larson, MBA August 22, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Love it!

  3. Kelly Larson, MBA August 22, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    ~Facebook Comment~ So very true! So glad that I found a sister away from home!

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