Homecoming Haze

5 Nov

Pretty sure we all encounter this phase, but the length and severity vary between us all. My husband arrived home August 26th and today is November 5th. Thankfully not everything in my life was lost in my homecoming haze. My kiddos were fed, bathed, and clothed. I won’t say our clothes always made it to their perspective closets or drawers. The living room chair served as a fabulous “family closet” for a bit. But heck it didn’t kill us and there was plenty of seating space on the couch.

During these last two months I thought of several topics I wanted to sit down and write about, but I just never seemed to “find” the time. I say “find” because I had the time, but that would have required me to forgo something in its place. Personally, during my homecoming haze I find myself wanting to spend all the time I can with my husband. We do family things whenever possible and use bedtime as an opportunity to bond. Whether it be a movie, puzzle, wine on the porch, or even folding laundry. I try my best to cherish and create the time I lost during those months he was gone.

As the haze begins to lift I begin feeling like we are back in a routine that includes Daddy. I can’t really explain the feeling, its just a sense of ease I feel knowing he is home and things are back to normal. Well, our new normal with incorporated changes. I have begun to feel myself pulling away here and there to once again do things I have always done. Writing this blog is a simple example. During the haze I didn’t want to spend time on the computer when I could spend it with my husband. Outside of the haze I am able to clearly see how I can balance both. Plus, my husband loves me dearly but he needs his space too.

So would you say this haze is normal? Healthy? Expected? I would say yes to all three. I can’t speak for all military spouses, but I would say we all experience a certain level of disorder when our spouse returns.  This haze won’t be the same for everyone. I personally find myself clingy. Others may find themselves trying to create the way it was before he left, a “normal.” A person may also feel distant during their haze. We are all unique and react to something as exciting and rattling as a homecoming differently.

I can proudly say I am back! My homecoming haze has lifted.


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