365 + Days

15 Feb

365Yikes! I let a year slip by without posting anything. :-/ Would you say the idea of 365 days passing in a blur is normal for us? Have we really been in the Navy for 13 years already???

So many times I have caught myself telling family or non-military friends “it’s only year from now.” Of course their eyes open real wide like I’m crazy to think a year is such a short time frame. I also find myself explaining why a year may seem so short with activities such as these:

  • Numerous TDYs and training (lost count how many)
  • Packing, packing, and more packing
  • Followed by days of travel then unpacking, unpacking, and rearranging
  • Numerous nights on Pinterest finding ways to help make the new house a Home
  • Managing sports, school activities, scouts, doctor appointments, and much more for the whole family
  • Not to mention managing the adult activities – work, grocery shopping, endless cleaning and chores, sanity breaks, etc.
  • Preparation for family visits, managing the visit, then adjusting back (re-training the kiddos)
  • Repair the washer one day followed by a child’s dresser during the next training exercise
  • Rotation of germs from one family member to the next while managing the grind of military medical facilities or Tricare referrals
  • Finally taking a well earned family get away or possibly rescheduling it after a call to duty
  • Assisting from a distance while accepting that we can’t assist more during a family crisis back home
  • Don’t forget all the waves of various levels of stress and emotion ridden throughout a whole year
  • Planning and celebrating holidays and birthdays once or maybe twice in case Daddy was gone
  • Wonderful welcome home celebrations and an escape from reality for a few days

All these and then some tend to make the days blur and lead to reiterating the motivational cheer we often tell ourselves “it’s only for ? days!” Can I tell you exactly what happened over this year I have been silent? Nope! However, I can say I wasn’t sitting back with a glass of wine reading books or enjoying the sun on the beach each day. Nope!

But I can say…

These last 365 + days have been spent raising my family, managing military life, finding ways to ensure I grow as a person (not just a wife and Mom), and keeping my shoulders held high while holding my tongue each time my husband calls to say he is leaving for an unplanned trip or that our plans must change due to an ever changing and unknown schedule. That’s okay though, I wouldn’t change these last 13 years and I don’t expect anything different from the years ahead.

Military life is military life!

Embrace it and live it!


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