Tree Network

17 Feb

tree networkAm I really going to compare us to computers?


But really. I can’t help but look at a tree network and think of our life. Throughout the years and with each move and relationship we establish we add a star to our tree. Think about it, heck draw one out real quick. Think of all the duty stations you have lived at and all the friends who are now at different locations. Networking is vital to our lifestyle! Our moves are easier, finding schools is easier, making friends is easier, and most importantly finding a job is much easier with networking!

Just the other day my FRG leader sent out an e-mail with a job announcement. I started looking it over and discovered a very valuable program (tool) that each and every spouse can utilize no matter where they move and no matter what career field or type of volunteering they do. Check it out!

In Gear Career “is a nonprofit organization created by Military Spouses for Military Spouses past and present. We provide a free forum for professional development, community support, information sharing, and networking to address the unique challenges faced by the career-minded Military Spouses.”

“Serving Career-Minded Military Spouses”

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?! (wish I had a dollar every time I heard that)

I really can’t express how excited I am about this program! So many spouses struggle to find a career that not only fits “them,” but their lifestyle too. Military spouses have no choice but to be adjustable and open to change; however, with this great resource spouses can now expand their tree network and open so many more opportunities! Spread the word and help this great program grow! The success of this resource and the benefits reaped by military spouses depend on growth and participation.

network tree


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