My Road to Change

23 Feb

mom yelling


As a Mommy of three kiddos I often find myself at the end of my rope and ready to yell or yelling then feeling guilty for yelling. Am I alone in this? No, but most parents won’t admit to losing their control for fear of judgement. Can I blame them? Heck no! We parents tend to be so hard on one another!!

Two weeks ago I was having a rough few days. The kiddos were each taking turns with various sicknesses, we had school projects along with boy/girl scout events, and my husband was in and out with no clear schedule. My two oldest had just got home from school and I found myself torn between all three of them (son throwing a fit over doing his homework, oldest daughter whining because she couldn’t have candy for snack, and my youngest daughter throwing a very dramatic two year old fit because she didn’t get to open the front door). Ahhhhh! I knew I was wrong for yelling, but that didn’t prevent it from happening. Of course it was followed by guilt and apologies to each of them. I walked away and took the timeout I should have taken three minutes before.  During my time in the closet (clothes are better than the toilet) I decided it was time for change! Change for me and change for my family. Gotta love Google!! You can find anything and I found a solution for change that involved everyone in my family.

The Orange Rhino Challenge

This is an outstanding blog by a stay at home mom who felt just like me! She found a solution that worked for her and reached out to help other parents learn to eliminate yelling. She has so many wonderful ideas and great words of support and encouragement! Plus she has started a 30 day program that I start this Monday! She clearly states she is not a professional and only offers what she has learned throughout her journey!

A big reason I share this (besides to help) is I know how much of an impact my husband’s career has on my mood, patience level, and my everyday plate! I feel so much more refreshed and full of “Mommy Love” when my husband is on leave! I feel more tugging when he is on a familiar schedule (normal life with children). However, my level of calm and collected drastically changes when life throws in the ups, downs, lefts, and rights of duty, exercises, training, workups, deployments, PCS nightmares (too many to list), Tricare, home repairs on my own, and so many more challenges!

Life in the military is one HUGE roller coaster ride with so many climbs and drops! Full of giggles, smiles, hugs, and lots of yelling for joy and fear. I am doing this 30 day challenge to not only learn to hold in the yelling out of anger and frustration, but most importantly to teach my kiddos this very valuable skill! How I can I expect them not to yell and scream if I’m setting the example?

One of my favorite quotes is “mistakes are proof you are trying.” I know I have many more mistakes to make and learn from in life, but I hope to remove yelling from my list!

I hope you find The Orange Rhino Challenge as reassuring,  motivating, and exciting as I have!


3 Responses to “My Road to Change”

  1. Kelly Larson February 23, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    ~Facebook Comment~ Great article! I’m reading the challenge now. Good luck 🙂

  2. Indigo Felle February 28, 2013 at 11:54 pm #

    I have no experience with the military, but my husband does travel a fair amount for his work (and is rarely home while the kids are up during the week) — to the point where I sometimes find that when he IS home is when everything ends up getting all out of whack because our regular routines get messed up. It’s hard to win sometimes! But I’m right there with you over at Orange Rhino, and already I can feel the impact, and so can my children. What an incredibly giving person to create that course, right?!!!!!! And how lucky we are to be part of it.

    • Kelly Larson March 1, 2013 at 6:49 am #

      You are very right!! Not only does having him home throw a wrench into your routine, but then we all want to “play” and enjoy having him home. It feels a little like the beginning of a school break where you know the routine is gone so you don’t fight it. 🙂

      I LOVE this Orange Rhino Challenge! I am discovering so much about myself and our family. My eight year old son is doing the challenge with me and that has helped us both! We both see each other fight to remain in control then compliment each other when we win! 🙂 It breaks my heart to know I taught him to yell, but I am going to fix that lesson and help him learn not to yell! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope your hubby is home for a while! 🙂

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