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Military Youth on the Move

13 Feb

When asked to write a paper about her hometown, my 7-year-old daughter chose Alaska, a state she has only flown over on her way to and from Japan.  My daughter is 7 and she has lived in 4 states and 2 countries. My daughter does not have a hometown. Continue reading


Wacky Wednesday The Three Bears

10 Feb

Today is Wednesday and it is time to get “wacky” with the kids.  All week the kids have asked me “what we were going to do on Wacky Wednesday,” then interrupted themselves saying ” No, No surprise me!” Wacky Wednesdays are doing exactly what I had hoped, it is giving my children something to look forward to each week while their daddy is gone. Continue reading

Military Discounts

3 Feb

Every time I eat out I take a moment to decide if I want to ask for a military discount. I usually decide not to ask for two reasons: Continue reading

Wacky Wednesday Jello Painting

26 Jan

How can you keep your children excited about today when they anxiously await for a parent to return from a deployment?  I decided to incorporate Wacky Wednesdays into our weekly routines.

Continue reading