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Homecoming Haze

5 Nov

Pretty sure we all encounter this phase, but the length and severity vary between us all. My husband arrived home August 26th and today is November 5th. Thankfully not everything in my life was lost in my homecoming haze. My kiddos were fed, bathed, and clothed. I won’t say our clothes always made it to their perspective closets or drawers. The living room chair served as a fabulous “family closet” for a bit. But heck it didn’t kill us and there was plenty of seating space on the couch. Continue reading


Sisters on Every Continent

22 Aug

I smile when I read “sisters  on every continent” because I know this simple statement is true for so many of us! Our friendships are often more than just a friend. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, welcome home parties, deployment blues, births, loses, PCS goodbyes, and so many more events of a military life. These connections and bonding create a relationship deeper than a best friend. These events in our lives create sisters we can depend on no matter how far we move, no matter how long its been since our last conversation, and no matter what is happening in our life! Continue reading

I miss my husband, but…

8 Jun

I miss my husband more than words can express. I would give anything to have him sitting next to me right now. However, I accept his job and the life we live. Knowing this, I feel it is my responsibility to live each day teaching and demonstrating to my children how to look at life through a glass half full rather than half empty. Continue reading

The Woes of Our Supportive Community

24 May

My husband has been deployed for 3 1/2 months and his tour is officially 53% done.  During this time he has missed birthdays, the tooth fairy, music concerts, t-ball games, and a first home run. He has missed holidays, anniversaries, and family reunions.  He was not here when our roof leaked and flooded our living room. Nor was he here for the flu bug that hovered in our house for a month.  He was not here when my son suffered from separation anxiety that left mommy exhausted and heart broken and he wasn’t here for all the tears.  He was not here to provide the emotional and physical support we have all grown to depend on.  So what gets me through this deployment with our mental health still in tact? That’s easy – Support from my military family. Support that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle another week.  Support that provides me the physical and emotional support I have been missing.  More importantly they provide the kind of support that does not leave me feeling alone, single, waiting, and exasperated. Continue reading

Mommy Getaway

18 May

I remind my friends whenever their husbands are gone to ensure they find some time for themselves! A parent is always a better parent when he or she has taken time to break away from the kiddos and do something for themselves. So why haven’t I done this for myself?!? Continue reading

Popsicle Therapy

12 May

Well, I made it a whole 2 weeks before I was waving my white flag and putting the kiddos to bed well before their bedtime! Not sure if making it 15 days is considered a “normal” or “mediocre” time frame. Just about every parent eventually reaches their point where the extra effort and patience runs thin after a spouse deploys. I’m thinking of that period right in the middle, just before we reach full motion of living life without Daddy being home. Continue reading

Saying bye to Daddy

3 May

This is our first deployment with children old enough to understand what is happening (6 and 4) and I was not real sure what to expect the day Daddy left. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t expecting to have my heart break watching them watch him walk away. Continue reading