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Career Madness

18 Feb

If you ask just about any spouse, he or she will say one of the toughest obstacles we face is maintaining a career. Applying for a job with a resume that clearly identifies you as military affiliated, answering interview questions without telling the company you are a military spouse (while at the same time not avoiding the questions either), balancing a job as an on and off again single parent, then reluctantly saying goodbye to a good job only to start the process all over again at the next duty station. Continue reading


Military Families Need Support

28 Jan

It had been a long night and I hadn’t made coffee yet, but it did not take me long to be wide awake after reading a headline titled “Obama: Military families need support” in the Fayetteville Observer. Continue reading

Hello ~ Hola ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ~ Guten Tag

22 Jan


It is my hope this blog finds its way around the world to spouses all over.  Over time you will come to find posts about things happening in and around the military, ideas and solutions to issues we face as spouses, helpful hints for our way of life, and much more.

For now, here is to the start of something fun, informative, and helpful! ~Cheers~