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Well Deserved

12 Dec

Christmas lights can be seen throughout the neighborhood and so many front windows are glowing with beautiful Christmas trees. I know the holiday season is here, but I don’t know for sure if I know this because of all the decorations or from the dark circles under my eyes. I have asked myself, is December supposed to be like this or could we all use a dose of well deserved grace? Continue reading


Our Dandelions

1 Apr

Take the time to give a military child a nice pat on the back and say thank you!

April is the month of the Military Child! I do my best to celebrate my children and all they endure as military children as often as I can; however, it is nice to have a month designated for these very special children! I love to see our children receive the recognition they deserve. Continue reading

Power of Words

7 Mar

Who doesn’t enjoy the heart pounding excitement of opening your mail box and seeing a letter addressed to you? (Of course as long as it’s not a bill) Today’s technology is wonderful in providing instant gratification, but nothing can replace the warm tender feeling of opening a letter from your deployed loved one. Continue reading

We Are The Glue

4 Mar

It has been over two weeks now since my three kiddos and I got sick. I’m not talking just a runny nose sick either. We have been down and out for these two weeks. Somehow this down time was able to help me see things a little differently. Continue reading

Is it just me?

23 Feb

Some days I feel like my “military children” age quicker than civilian children. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, but don’t they say stress adds years to your life. Not that my 6-year-old, 4-year-old, and 5-month-old are stressed out or behave like teenagers. More on the lines that military life adds so much to our daily life that we seem to lose track of days quicker than civilian families. If that makes sense. Continue reading

Hello ~ Hola ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ~ Guten Tag

22 Jan


It is my hope this blog finds its way around the world to spouses all over.  Over time you will come to find posts about things happening in and around the military, ideas and solutions to issues we face as spouses, helpful hints for our way of life, and much more.

For now, here is to the start of something fun, informative, and helpful! ~Cheers~