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My Road to Change

23 Feb

mom yelling


As a Mommy of three kiddos I often find myself at the end of my rope and ready to yell or yelling then feeling guilty for yelling. Am I alone in this? No, but most parents won’t admit to losing their control for fear of judgement. Can I blame them? Heck no! We parents tend to be so hard on one another!! Continue reading


365 + Days

15 Feb

365Yikes! I let a year slip by without posting anything. :-/ Would you say the idea of 365 days passing in a blur is normal for us? Have we really been in the Navy for 13 years already??? Continue reading

Anything for Only Three Years

6 Dec

Before each of my boot camp exercise sessions I always tell myself “you can do anything for only 45 minutes.”¬† This morning I got to thinking and wondered if we subconsciously tell ourselves something similar about our duty stations?

Only 1 year, 5 months, and 6 days till we PCS…

Only 6 months till we pick orders…

Only 3 months till “so and so” leaves… Continue reading

A Culture of Our Own

19 Nov

Think about it a minute, is the military a culture? Why?

My immediate reaction was yes. However, I didn’t immediately think of a 100 reasons why. I said yes, but why did I say yes? I looked up the definition of culture and chose what seemed to be the most commonly accepted and most fitting in my opinion. Culture is the totality of what a group of people think, how they behave, and what they produce that is passed on to future generations (Jervis, 2006). Now think of our military life and I’m sure you can think of those 100 reasons why! Continue reading

Close, but not “Too” close

15 Nov

I hear it from just about every spouse I meet, so I wonder if this is a common mentality. If so, what about military life creates this way of thinking? “When we retire or get out, we are moving back home but not too close to family.” Funny thing is, I say the same thing! I love my family to death, but something about not living near them for 20 years just kinda makes us want to maintain a certain level of space. Continue reading

Homecoming Haze

5 Nov

Pretty sure we all encounter this phase, but the length and severity vary between us all. My husband arrived home August 26th and today is November 5th. Thankfully not everything in my life was lost in my homecoming haze. My kiddos were fed, bathed, and clothed. I won’t say our clothes always made it to their perspective closets or drawers. The living room chair served as a fabulous “family closet” for a bit. But heck it didn’t kill us and there was plenty of seating space on the couch. Continue reading

Sisters on Every Continent

22 Aug

I smile when I read “sisters¬† on every continent” because I know this simple statement is true for so many of us! Our friendships are often more than just a friend. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, welcome home parties, deployment blues, births, loses, PCS goodbyes, and so many more events of a military life. These connections and bonding create a relationship deeper than a best friend. These events in our lives create sisters we can depend on no matter how far we move, no matter how long its been since our last conversation, and no matter what is happening in our life! Continue reading