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Sisters on Every Continent

22 Aug

I smile when I read “sisters¬† on every continent” because I know this simple statement is true for so many of us! Our friendships are often more than just a friend. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, welcome home parties, deployment blues, births, loses, PCS goodbyes, and so many more events of a military life. These connections and bonding create a relationship deeper than a best friend. These events in our lives create sisters we can depend on no matter how far we move, no matter how long its been since our last conversation, and no matter what is happening in our life! Continue reading


Military Youth on the Move

13 Feb

When asked to write a paper about her hometown, my 7-year-old daughter chose Alaska, a state she has only flown over on her way to and from Japan.  My daughter is 7 and she has lived in 4 states and 2 countries. My daughter does not have a hometown. Continue reading

Hello ~ Hola ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ~ Guten Tag

22 Jan


It is my hope this blog finds its way around the world to spouses all over.  Over time you will come to find posts about things happening in and around the military, ideas and solutions to issues we face as spouses, helpful hints for our way of life, and much more.

For now, here is to the start of something fun, informative, and helpful! ~Cheers~